Latest Past Events

Come learn Netrunner Tuesdays

Netrunner is a two-player asymmetric card game set in a dystopian future where four megacorporations control almost every aspect of daily life. Legendary hackers known as "runners" aim to fight the corps' influence by hacking into their servers and preventing them from advancing their sinister agendas. Join us at Gather 4 Games at the Union Hills Village on 19th […]

Tuesday Kids DnD Campaign

The Gilded Hilt Academy welcomes new Dungeons and Dragons players ages 12-17! Here young players can learn in a “Hogwarts-esque” campaign to become the best adventurer!

Friday Night Magic

Don’t forget, Friday Night Casual Commander! From 5:30 pm – 10pm Come join us every Friday to blow off some steam from the tough week and just have a little fun playing some casual Commander! We’ve been accepted as a WPN store and have our orientation this month, so don’t forget to bring your DCI […]